Youtube – recipe for 1000 subscribers per hour.

Here’s a recipe for getting 1000 subs/hour for about $0.015/sub.
You can have 1,000 subscribers for $15.

1. Create/buy English-language or non-language content (music, etc.) and upload it to your channel.
2. Go to your channel -> Content
3. Next to the selected video, click on options (three horizontal dots)
4. Select Promote
5. Select the goal: Greater engagement on the channel
6. Show to viewers in these countries:  Bangladesh, India, Pakistan
7 . Select language: English or leave the field blank
8. Set your bid: USD 15 (Euro) or USD 30 or higher if you want to have more subs or a faster rate of daily subscriber growth.
9. Select the nearest available promotion end date (usually plus 3 days from the date the promotion was set) or any other day if you want it to last longer.
10. Launch the promotion, wait for its approval and… look at the results.
An important note here – write down the number of subscribers you have on your channel and check their growth there, because the data shown in the promotion regarding their number is incorrect. Only the current promotional cost is correct.

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