If Pole who does not know English can yourself write an English-language bestseller?

My knowledge of English is limited to what 've absorbed the English-language movies and browsing the Internet. But if the Pole is to be an obstacle ? After all, everyone knows that English is basically not only simplified the language and messaging . Not like the Polish language , which is very flexible and precise so that the automatic translation from English to Polish work quite well . I decided to see how good it is ” quite well ” . And by the way fight for the best-selling English-language book on Amazon ! Do you want to follow in my footsteps ? Be sure to read the steps I made :

Such reflection : this method is the way way to circumvent the ” ban ” the sale on Amazon books written original in Polish or other languages.
And now to the point:

1. Register an account on Amazon Self-Publishing .
You click https://kdp.amazon.com/ and then open an account .
You must specify that you are not a resident of the U.S. – unfortunately if Amazon is going to cut you an additional 30 % down payment on a U.S. tax. There is a patent – an agreement on avoidance of double taxation. It allows you to register with the U.S. and get a special tax number . Then this tribute will be charged . You can do it later at any time.

2. Writing a book in Polish.
I chose to translate his book: Jeźdźcy Smoków – Przymierze.

3. Translating it into English , eg by https://translate.google.com/
Here we throw translations pieces – I eg 30 page book divided into 3 ” fillers „, but you can do even less , as long as sensibly divided exhaustive content of paragraphs.

4. Adjustment ( check ) automatic translation .
As it turned out very machine itself advised of proper names and certain words. You have to read the English text and catch these errors and left in the Polish word. Then you need to replace these words so that they recognize the machine – use a synonym, remove or change the diminutive form. Then the sentences that contain them translate again. Often in the case of a justified feeling checked English synonyms – sometimes to choose a different word , closer to what we wanted to express than the original version.
For those who want to better recommend the use of the alternative translators and comparing translations , making the compilation , etc.
I too did not want to – for translation and correction of 30 pages lost about 4 hours.

5. Creating an eBook in the form on the Kindle .
I will not elaborate on how to do it because it is full in the Polish network.
Let me just say that I did , so that the book gave the title:

Riders of the Winged Dragons – Covenant

 + original in polish

E-book is here

The beginning of the book is in English while the later is a Polish-language original.
The volume is increased by twice , but this detail – the ground that in this way you can also get around a restriction which does not allow Amazon to sell Polish-language books.

6. Conclusions – that is, counting glory or shame.
Buyers on Amazon has the right to have purchased the book and even the judge, and this is good news. This will brightness and Enghlishman chattering teeth when reading the novel or the translation, however, is for them to digest.

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  1. Didnt really read the book itself, but judging by this post, it’s, ekhm, heavy 😀

    Let me get it straight: you’re much smoother in Polish and you might want to keep that way 😉


    To tłumaczenie jest na poziomie takim, że można się posikać ze śmiechu. Pamietaj, że kiedy piszesz list do ukochanej zastosuj inwokację = MY ROAD lub MY WAY, co znaczy MOJA DROGA (asfaltowa). Polski zwrot „być może” to „be sea”.

    A jak chodzi o język polski, to w porównaniu z angielskim, to właśnie to jest wodolejstwo i klajstrofobia.

    To właśnie dlatego angielski jest językiem TTL (techniki tranzystorowej logiki). Polski, ze swoim podwójnym przeczeniem w zdaniu, kompletnie się nie nadaje do logiki.